The power of the group

The benefits of surrounding yourself with valuable people


A group of people can move mountains.

Nothing is more powerful than a group of people working together, and nothing more empowering than being surrounded by people who understand, inspire and support you. 

The quality of life improves with each valuable person we have in life - support for our emotions, a stimulant for our mind, and an inspiration for our creativity. 

Nevertheless, our planet needs strong, committed, and inspired people working together to help it more than ever. 

Sadly, our world has been going towards individualism more than socialism in the past years, making human relationships broken, our efforts lonely, and making us forget what living and working together looks like. 

Big corporate cities have contributed to estranged communities and superficial relationships. 

Let's change that together! Let's leave these big concrete jungles behind you and build a community that makes a difference. 

Not sure why this is important? Here are a few aspects of life where the power of community and people can really be seen. 

How having a community affects our experiences

The power of the group can truly be sensed when we’re in a place of experiencing new situations. These situations can be anything from trying a new restaurant to moving across the country. 

As much as small or big, new experiences become much more valuable when we have people to share them with because we’re instantly in the situation of reflection on the experience, and recapping what we liked or didn’t like and how we felt. 

Often, when we’re experiencing new things alone, we don’t take enough space for reflection and don't evaluate our experiences.

The power of combined experiences

Another value we receive from a group is enriched experiences. 

When traveling alone, you will visit and experience the things that inspire you, but traveling with a group, you will get exposed to all the things they love and enjoy. The beauty of this is not to miss your experiences for somebody else’s but to enrich your routine with another one, as well as to enrich their routine with yours.

combined experience

This way, we are much more likely to try new things, find new hobbies, hear new music, taste new flavors, etc. Maybe you are an adventurer yourself and you always tend to spice up your experiences with something unusual, but nothing can compare to when you do it with a person who’s passionate about it. They can teach you how to enjoy it and will make the experience 100 times better

Sharing new situations with others helps you get out of your comfort zone and makes for better memories. The power that community has on our perception of our experiences is indescribable. We’re social beings and evaluate most situations through the social context. When you’re outside the context, you might just put the experience in the back of your head and not make real sense of them. A group helps you make sense of everything you do and define your feelings about it.

The role of a community in life changes

If you are going through a life change, having a group that you belong to along the way will make that change much easier.  

When a person tries to break the routine or take a step further, being the only one to do it in their social circle can be quite an obstacle. Leaving a high-paid corporate job, or a big flat in the center of a metropolitan for a rural house and, perhaps, an agricultural activity, can be really hard if all your friends are corporate-loving big city creatures. 

Society teaches us that significant life changes happen early in life and that, as we grow older, the changes we pursue need to be smaller. “Better travel while you're young”; “It’s easy for you to quit your job, you’re still young” etc. 

But, many people feel they don’t fit that description. However, most only keep on dreaming and never really take the step as they don’t have a group to take inspiration from or encourage them on the way. 

If after you decided to move to the countryside, you made sure you joined some groups of people who are doing the same, you would see that the process would be much smoother as you would have the support from a relevant and valuable community.

Find a group that you can relate to

As we said, if you decide to take a step out of your comfort zone, the best thing you can do for yourself is to find a community you can relate to and surround yourself with people who understand you.

group you relate

You will realize how many people take this step only when you take it yourself. From our old standpoints, it always seems like it is only us, but when we dive into this change and surround ourselves with people going through something as well, it is then when we see that the world is full of people like us. Surrounding yourself with a like-minded group is the healthiest thing a person can do for him or herself.

How do you know you have the “clique”?

The right group of people will boost your morale instead of making you feel more scared to take the step; the right group will make sense of your changes instead of criticizing or minimizing your decisions; lastly, the right group will give you that push when you feel like you can’t do it anymore. 

This doesn’t mean that your old friends or your family are not good for you, this just means that in everything we do, we need to find people who we can share it with. When going through a change, this will mean that we also need to open up to new people.

The importance of having a support network

Another reason that makes groups beneficial is to have an emotional support network on your way. 

Working on a new project, going through a life or career change, starting to be eco-conscious, or just starting your digital nomad lifestyle, having a group that can act as your emotional support is crucial. 

Taking a road that’s challenging and full of obstacles can be hard on your mental health without proper support. Sometimes, there is nothing more powerful than a candid conversation with somebody who’s been through the same or just understands your position. 

On another hand, taking unconventional roads can also be unpredictable and unstable, and sometimes, we might find ourselves in tough spots financially, accommodation-wise, business-wise, etc. That’s why quality relationships are important so we have someone to lean on if we find ourselves lost.

What is the true power of the group?

The true power of the group, however, is seen in the impact we leave behind us. Whether it's nature, animals, or other people - the things we can do when we work together are exactly what our planet needs now.

power of group

Working together on these common goals like ecology, conscious living, creating and crafting, eco-farming, animal care, etc. can leave a huge impact. The groups have several strengths that make this impact enormous:

  • Split sense of motivation and responsibility - when you feel like giving up, somebody else will pull harder, when they feel like that, you will pull harder. 
  • Active role models - everyone is constantly surrounded by others who work on the cause creating a constant flow of inspiration and mutual role-modeling. 
  • Huge educational reach - people talk a lot to their friends and family about the things they do that inspire them. Every new person in the group creates 10+ new people who hear and are educated on the cause. 
  • An abundance of skills, knowledge, and powers - Every person comes with their own skill set, strengths, past experiences, and expertise. When a group combines its powers, we get an invincible superpower. 

The power of the group is something nobody should underestimate but sadly, as a society, we have lost our connection with others and touch with our natural sense of connecting with others. 

Awid Aman wants to show you how powerful a group can be and how to harness its benefits for the better of your life, happiness, success, mental health, relationships, and for the better of our planet, world, society, and towns, forests, animals, etc. 

How big cities have contributed to the decline of true communities

Life in big cities is slowly collapsing and becoming only a sprint through our precious lives without any deeper meaning or connection. A fast-paced, technology-based world and packed, traffic-jammed cities have made it harder to socialize and make genuine connections. 

The speed of life going on in the big cities often doesn’t leave us time and energy for ourselves, and especially not for others in our lives. It’s often hard and lonely, and certainly not good for our planet. 

Success is seen as linear and material, and philosophy is “each one for himself”. Let's put a stop to this. Let's work together and use our powers as humans to change the narrative.

We need more space to stop and take a deep breath, to ask ourselves what we want and what makes us happy, to be able to choose the people we want to spend time with, that inspire us; to create and brainstorm; to work together and spend time in nature; to be more patient, calm, and conscious. It’s all still there, and we can do it together.