Germany·September 23 2022

(Day Retreat): The Great Gathering Germany

Slow down, connect and learn with 50 like-minded people.



Are you an inspirer or a change-maker who not only wants to live a purposive life but also to lead others by your own example by taking care of your needs and focusing on your growth? How often do you give yourself the much-needed reboot? Gift yourself the time to be nurtured in humble surroundings. We believe that a pause and reboot are required in a routine, so a person can reach an inspiring and fulfilling life. With that in mind, we are here to give you the go-getter experience you deserve. The Great Gathering is a day retreat designed by healers and light workers. It is a full day of activities based on the pillars of Awid Aman - Tajmaat (to think together), Tuiza (to help each other), and Awid Aman (to learn from each other). It is a festival of connections and new knowledge, and an opportunity to connect with like-minded people. Join us at the Great Gathering and explore the power of our group in one day!

(Day Retreat): The Great Gathering Germany

Germany· September 23 2022· 1 day