Germany·September 16 - 25 2022

Germany Co-Living Experience

Slow down. Collaborate. Create. in an authentic farmhouse in Germany



One year ago, Awid Aman started as a simple coliving that wanted to gather like-minded people. Today, after many tests and errors, we are looking at what is becoming a strong movement. Today, we're connecting inspiring and committed people to co-create the perfect formula for small-city life. We want to revitalize small cities and declutter big ones; we want to revive deep connections among people and bring back our relationship with nature; we want to show conscious and sustainable living, lifelong learning, and the power of the group and collaboration to the world. Do you see yourself with us? Join us! We are searching for people just like you to experience a small portion of what we are co-creating. Come along on one, two, or all of our pop-up coliving experiences and see what it means to be a part of Awid Aman. What's included: - 2 x 1-to-1 Slow down with Sonia sessions of 1h30mins (Breathing exercise + Yin Yoga + Facial massage) - 2 x Co-Development night - 2 x Unique local experience - One free group meal per day (ability to purchase more) - One Great Gathering - Amazing community - Beautiful nature - Unique memorable experience


Connect with Mother Earth

Connect with Mother Earth

Visit a farm, eat healthy, learn about conscious living, learn where our food comes from...

Connect with yourself

Connect with yourself

Practice Yin Yoga, have breathing exercises, meditate regularly, and learn to appreciate and love yourself...

Connect with others

Connect with others

Participate in team buildings, join a mastermind workshop, have a brainstorming session, collaborate...


This experience is managed By the founder herself helped by local partners.

Sonia Amroun

Sonia Amroun

Sonia Amroun is the founder of an entrepreneurial lifestyle brand Awid Aman. She dedicates her life to creating spaces where entrepreneurs and creatives can thrive, nourish, grow and share their expertise with the world.

Manuel Dingemann

Manuel Dingemann

Manuel started the Co-Living Alsenhof in 2020. His love for connection to other people and staying curious helped him to co-develop an inspiring atmosphere where people can feel at home and feel safe in an instant.

Manuel is also a video producer who focuses on serving exclusively sustainable organizations.







Day 1 - Welcome to the family!

  • Flexible arrival from 12 PM 
  • 12 - 3 PM: Join the Coworking and relax in the common rooms
  • After 3 PM: Check in into your room
  • 6 PM: We will get to know each other and have an early dinner
  • After dinner: We will have our first ice breaker and a Sharing Circle


Day 2 - Farmers are heroes!

Let's connect with Mother Earth!

  • 8 AM - 12 PM: A time to start the day at your pace and enjoy the morning just like you like it
  • 12 PM: A visit to an organic farm where we will learn about seasonal foods, and how we can cultivate them in healthy soil
  • 4 PM: Preparing the family dinner together as a group
  • 6 PM: Enjoying the food we prepared (early dinner)
  • After dinner: Build a Team workshop


Day 3 - Me Sunday

It's time for a Me Sunday! 

Let's take this day to slow down and observe in silence our thoughts.

  • 6 PM: Early dinner with a Sharing Circle about our day and the introspective experience we had


Day 4 - Work and connect

This day is a classical workday. Use it to catch up on some work and focus in your own way. If your workday is flexible, we recommend you leave an open slot for our 5 PM family dinner with the permanent residents.  

  • During the day you can book a One-to-One with Sonia to partake in a transformative experience that combines breathing exercises, Yin Yoga, and facial massage.
  • Monday family dinners are in the culture of the coliving. During the dinner, we will use the time to speak about the program of the week and give roles to everyone.


Day 5 - Keep calm and be Yin

  • Morning - 5 PM: Time for your regular workday
  • 5 PM: After having a normal workday, you will attend your first Co-development workshop on the topic What makes a small city attractive? 
  • 6:30 PM: Sonia will help one coliver organize the family dinner
  • 8 PM: Introduction to Yin Yoga by Sonia


Day 6 - Team day

  • 7 AM: Osho Meditation by Sabrina
  • 4:30 PM: Cleaning party! 

The rest of the day will be free to be designed by the team.



Day 7 - Keep calm and share!

  • 8 AM - 4 PM: Focus time! - use it to catch up on some work
  • 4 PM: Have a walk in nature and share your skills
  • 6 PM: Dinner
  • 8 PM: Free time to enjoy the evening


Day 8 - Let's prepare for the great gathering!

The Great Gathering is almost there! Let's take it easy, enjoy the preps, and finish off with a dinner in the city. 

  • 8 AM - 4 PM: Work with a partner
  • 4 PM: Preparation of the Great Gathering
  • 6 PM: Dinner in Hamburg with partners


Day 9 -The Great Gathering!

The Great Gathering!

Explore the power of our group in one day!

The Great Gathering is a full day of activities around the pillars of Awid Aman. It is a festival of connections and new knowledge with 50 participants! 


DAY 10

Day 10 - Me Sunday and Integration

The last day of the program!

We will finish our 10-day adventure with an Integration activity, and the last Sharing Circle called The shower of gratification.

What's Included

What's Included

Indoor Coworking Space

Outdoor Coworking Area

Fiber Optic Internet

Screens with HDMI connection

Height-adjustable Desks

Separate Rooms for Video Calls

Meeting Room

Telephone Box

Podcast Room

Coffee & Tea


Yoga Mats

Yin Yoga


Meditation cushion


Bed Linen


Alsenhof Coliving

A co-living experience that helps you connect more to your inner self

Alsenhof is a unique co-living experience focused on connecting with yourself, others, and nature, with sustainability and mindfulness as their core values. The co-living is located in a small German village near Hamburg, with only 2500 inhabitants and surrounded by nature with a forest in the back of the property. Despite being in a small village, Alsenhof is close to everything you might need - from a restaurant to a pharmacy. There are six permanent residents living at the property and one 4-year-old boy. 

Alsenhof Coliving

Trip Tips

Arrive at Alsenhof

Arrive at Alsenhof

Check to find public transport. Destination is “Feuerwehr, Lägerdorf”. There is no public transport on Sat/Sun.

You'll Be Staying Here

Single room

Single room

Double room

Double room

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Being open minded, we are an orchestra and we need to accept the differences between people.

Yes, all our coliving partners have their own coworking. 

At the beginning of the experience, we will decide together when you will cook for the community. Sonia will help with every dinner. 

Of course!

Even though we have a daily activity schedule, we try to be flexible with your working hours and discuss the planning with the whole tribe.

Some meals are not included, but you will not be obligated to join them. 

If you cancel up to one week before the event, the 50 percent deposit will be refunded to you.

Germany Co-Living Experience

Germany· September 16 - 25 2022· 9 nights