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Support the creation of a conscious community for remote workers willing to live in small cities surrounded by nature. 

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Do you want to leave that big crowded city, but you are scared that you won't fit into the small city lifestyle? At Awid Aman, we'll give you that bridge -  a community and environment that will help you transition to a more slow-paced life. We'll make sure you walk around like-minded and driven individuals to get rid of that lonely feeling

The journey so far...


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40 family dinners

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How does one volcano eruption change everything?

Many digital nomads, who were lucky enough to stay at Casa Benahoares, Awid Aman's first coliving in La Palma, still describe it as one of the best coliving experiences they had.

Until September 2021, Casa Benahoares was paradise on earth, a beloved coliving for like-minded people..., but all that changed with one volcano eruption that happened less than two kilometers from the house.

Losing this inspiring residence due to housing problems caused by the eruption meant the end of an era for Awid Aman. And even though something as beautiful and successful as Casa Benahoares was lost; it also opened a door for Awid Aman to create something bigger and even more valuable.

Who we are today

Started as a simple co-living that gathers like-minded people together. Today, Awid Aman is a strong movement of conscious and committed people eager to help others transition from big cities to small ones, connect with nature, find their strengths and communities, and live slower and more fulfilled lives.

Our Vision & Offer

Our vision is to gather people who want to co-create with us a formula for leaving big cities.

Our prototype will be a beautiful small city called Los Llanos de Aridane in La Palma Island, where we will create the perfect communication between conscious people and small cities

The Plan & Timeline

Step 1 - APPLY

We are currently selecting co-creators and go-getters who want to test our 10-day program and help us develop the vision by participating in improving it.

Take a call with the founder for more info.

Step 2 - CONNECT

During minimum 10 days ( up to two month residency)  you will meet like-minded people in order to create a strong group and work on the bigger goal: creating a guide for leaving big cities.

The program is designed to test living in a small city while working remotely or on your projects, so bring your laptop as you can still work online Mon-Fri.

Step 3 - TRIBE

This last block will help us to produce the manual and provide the possibility for people all around the world to quit the big city life.

Place and time TBC

" The place in which I’ll fit will not exist until I make it."

Citation of James Baldwin

Meet the founder


Sonia Amroun

Born in Algeria, and growing up in Paris, Sonia became a serial entrepreneur with versatility in many skills -  from sales to Yin Yoga and Japanese facial therapy. Having a strong love for Mother Nature, but growing up in one of the biggest metropolitans in Europe, Sonia learned all about the gap between big city and village life. 

Her drive, strong will, and a big network of different professionals, Sonia acquired through a colorful career path that she has been walking for more than 10 years. 

After being a sales and business development professional specializing in green solutions, a part-time actress, one of the first coliving owners in Spain, and the founder, and owner of a slow-fashion cultural brand followed by 10K+ people, all the roads led her to today - to Awid Aman.


Meet our collaborators

Awid Aman is based on the principles of working together, learning from each other, and helping each other. All the value we’re bringing to you, to us, and to the world, we’re bringing through networking and collaboration with valuable, committed, and inspiring people.

Build the future with Awid Aman

Let's create together a safe place for digital nomads to experience slow living, and connect with others and nature. Help us build a 3-month experience of co-living, co-working, and a collaborative community for those who are committed.

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